.: Petualang Kehidupan :.

Hidup ibarat berpetualang, memerlukan bekal yang cukup untuk mencapai tujuan. Jika surga tujuanmu, sudah cukupkah bekal yang kau siapkan??

Purworejo At Glance

Hello Friends!! My name is Ridwan Kharis. I would like to tell you about my Regency : Purworejo. Yeah, I was born in Purworejo. So, I’am “Asli Purworejo”

Purworejo Regency is one of the 35 regencies and municipalities in the Province of Central Java. It has an area of 1034,82 sequare kilometers. In 2010, its population was approximately 694.404 people. There are 16 sub-districts, devided in 494 villages. Purworejo surrounded by Regencies of Kebumen, Wonosobo, Magelang and Kulonprogo. Purworejo is made up of a flat land to the south part and mountainous land to the nort and east parts. It’s 2,5 – 325 meters above sea level.

Purworejo is the nodded of the traffics and tourists line in the southern Central Jaca. It’s easily reached from Yogyakarta, Magelang, Borobudur, Wonosobo, Cilacap and Purwokerto bya car, direct bus, or train. Purtworejo is about 68 kilometers to the west of Yogyakarta oand 40 kilometers to the south of Borobudur Tample.

Purworejo is the central of rice production in southern Centrao Java with an annual production more than 5,63 ton per hektar at 2010. The mains fruits prduced in here is rambutans, durians, manggoesteen, zallaca, and oranges. Industry in Purworejo is continously growing up.

Purworejo is famous for many types of traditional snacks such as Gebleg, Kue Lompong, and Clorot. Gebleg is made of cassava flour. Kue Lompong is made from glutinous rice flour and palm sugar of Javanese sugar. Clorot is made from rice flour and palm sugar.

The first Regent or Bupati of Purworejo was Raden Rya Adipati (R.A.A) Cokronegoro I (1830-1856). The present Regent is Drs H Mahsun Zain MAg. He is the 24th Regent of Purworejo.

The motto of Purworejo is BERIRAMA. Berirama comes from BERSIH means clean, INDAH means beautiful, RAPI means neat, AMAN means safe or peaceful, and MAKMUR means wealth.

Purworejo used to be called BAGELEN. After the Diponegoro War ended in 1830, the name was chanegd to PURWOREJO. PURWO means begining and REJO means wealth. So, Purworejo means beginning of wealth.

Purworejo has several tourist attractions. The main tourist attractions are Bedug Pendowo (the largest bedug in the world), Museum Tosan Aji, Seplawan Cave, Geger Menjangan Hill, Pasir Puncu Beach and Jatimalang Beach. The other tourist attraction are Curug Muncar and Curug Silangit Waterfall, Manggul Joyo Hill, Benteng Pendem, Argo Putro Camping Ground, and The Memorial of Nyai Bagelen.


Yogyakarta 11-11-2010


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