.: Petualang Kehidupan :.

Hidup ibarat berpetualang, memerlukan bekal yang cukup untuk mencapai tujuan. Jika surga tujuanmu, sudah cukupkah bekal yang kau siapkan??

Our idealism

How we really long for this nation to know
That we love them more than to oerselves


We’re proud when our lives become the martyrs for their honor,
Should it be the one necessary to be done.
Or should it be the price to enact their glory,
dignity and dream, if that is the one to be done.


There is nothing causes us taking this path
But oru sole sincere love; the sincere love that engulfs our heart,
prevails in our feeling, weeps down our tears,
And deprices any desire to rest.


How painful it is for us to see, desasters that keep ruining this nation,
While we lose our faith to disgrace and give up our hope to desperation.


We long for this nation to know that we are carrying a sacred mission ;
The one without of personal ambition, any worldly interest, free from lust.
We do not expect a thing, not even popularity, or let alone a gratitude feeling.


What we do expect is the creation of a better and dignified Indonesia,
As well as the God of the universe’s blessing.
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6 Nov 11,
Hari Raya Idul Adha
1,3 tahun di PPSDMS


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